Conquer The Gauntlet

If you’re an Oklahoma runner and you haven’t participated in one of the Gauntlet races then you’re wrong!  Conquer The Gauntlet is put on by the Tulsa based company Mainprize Industries and while it may be local, it rivals in obstacle quality to any of the larger venues such as the Spartan Race Series.


CTG is a 4 mile race with 25 obstacles meant to test you.  With obstacles like the stair way to heaven

……and wall traverses you won’t be disappointed.

Team work is the name of the game here.  Perhaps one of the best aspects of obstacle course racing is the generosity of other racers.  Even if you find yourself without your friends someone will be willing to lend you a helping hand.

The staff is great and extremely supportive.  We had a team member drop out at the last minute and they were very quick to let us transfer his entry to another new teammate.  Last year 13 of us made the trek down to Noble and ran the course.  Everyone finished.  Everyone was challenged.  Everyone conquered something that challenged them. Everyone wanted to do it again next year.

Get out and test yourself!

So if you’re getting bored of those normal runs and looking for something more ultimate, something to gauge your fitness level, something oddly fun then go register for this year’s CTG!

Training Philosophy and Fitness Ideal

Mud Factor


Many of you have exercised with me or while I’ve coached you or maybe you’re reading this because you plan on doing that in the near future.  That said do you really know what my experiences in fitness are and more to the point how it drives my philosophies and idealisms?  Is that even in important?  I think so.


What have I done?

I’ll keep this short but sweet.  In the last 16 years I’ve played organized sports, been a swimmer, rock climber, mountain biker, an avid runner, dabbled in crossfit and a I’ve been a traditional gym rat.  In the Marines I was certified as a close combat instructor (read as mixed martial artist with additional weapons training).  I was also trained as a combat conditioning specialist, which basically means I was tasked with preparing troops for the physical stresses of combat.  Let’s also throw in a bachelors degree from the University of Oklahoma in Exercise Science for good measure.  I guess you could say I enjoy variety and it’s pretty easy to see in the way I implement exercise programming at the studio.  All of this has led me to one simple truth about fitness.



No matter what your goals are, you’ll reach them by improving mobility in specific ways.

Want to put on muscle?  Aspire to move in full ranges of motion under steadily increasing tension.

Want to lose weight?  Move frequently and strength train often!

As for my own personal fitness ideal I seek athletic balance. That means I aspire to be strong, flexible, powerful, quick and have endurance.  Balance is important here because specializing too much in anyone of those categories means I become weak in the others.  Too much muscle means sacrificing speed and endurance.  Over emphasizing endurance means losing strength and power.  Notice how all of those categories play a role in mobility.


How does that play out in the studio and what does that mean for you?

 In the studio you’ll notice we work on athletic balance diligently.  Every week we’re jumping, crawling, doing low and high rep resistance training to develop strength and endurance.  We also learn or review new stretches weekly.   That’s just the tip of the ice berg but you get the point.  In the mean time little tweaks in the daily routines are made to help you develop weak points in your athleticism or meet your specific goals.


So there you have it.  Just a little insight into the inner workings of my mind.  See you at the studio!